SEO in Perspective

Search: It’s a way of life

We all do it: Google. When you have a problem you Google to find the answer. Actually around 72% of people use Google over Bing or Safari, so a big majority. This is no different with B2B buyers.

Being found

You will either be found by direct search because they know your name, or by organic search. If it’s organic then you have to be on the first page. 75% of searches never go to page two! [ how often do you?] Interestingly the paid searches often get ignored. Organic is the winner, but how do you get on page one?

Getting to page one

Getting on the first page is all about SEO, and SEO is complex when you start talking about backlinks, meta tags, domain authority etc. In fact there are over 200 Google ranking factors. Sounds daunting. But this needs to be put into perspective. There may be a 5.4bn searches a day on Google but how many are relevant to you? There may be a countless number of content pages but how many are relevant to your prospects? When you do the research you will probably be surprised at how few requests there are for search that are relevant to you. Low numbers means its less competitive. Add location to this and the number of companies competing for page one drops even further. With the right strategy page one suddenly becomes very realistic.